Bachelor theses

If the thesis was written externally, the location in indicated.

  1. Jonathan Sturm, Andreev bound states in multi-quantum dot systems as synthetic Josephson matter (2019)
  2. Daniel Boneß, Entanglement dynamics of nonlinearly coupled harmonic oscillators (2018)
  3. Andreas Kirchner, Quantum Gates for Topological Andreev States in Superconducting Junctions (2018)
  4. Frederik Pfeiffer, Microwave current response of a Josephson junction chain (2018, Grenoble)
  5. Janik Blessing, Tunable spin-Boson model with engineered superconducting circuits (2017)
  6. Jacob Holder, Optical Properties of an Antiferromagnet-Superconductor Superlattice (2017, Moscow)
  7. Simon Wozny, Influence of potential scattering of magnetic impurities on topolocical insulator edge states (2016, Reykjavik), published in Phys. Rev. B 98, 165423 (2018).
  8. Hannes Weisbrich, Decoherence of entangled states in superconducting qubits (2016).
  9. Leon Martin, Elektrische Leitfähigkeit von Graphen mit magnetischen Nanoteilchen (2015)
  10. Florian Magnus Dobler, Optical lattice coupled to an array of atomic quantum dots (2015, London)
  11. David Fricker, Mesoskopische Supraleitung in Graphen (2015)
  12. Elias Walter, Tight-binding treatment of mesoscopically structured graphene in a magnetic field (2015, Göteborg)
  13. Johannes Krotz, Quantum transport in topological insulators-superconductor heterostructures (2015, Reykjavik)
  14. Robin Kopp, Study of the entanglement dynamics in superconductive qubits (2015)
  15. Dominik Hangleiter, Quantum radio: emission and detection of density waves in a Bose-Einstein condensate (2013, Oxford)
  16. Andreas Elben, Electron transport through a quantum point contact (2013, Reykjavik)
  17. Anna Novelli, Time evolution in the Landay-Zener problem under continuous weak measurement (2013, Tel Aviv), published as New Journal of Physics 17, 013001 (2015). - 
  18. Florian Jetter, Quantum pumping of ultracold fermions between harmonic resevoirs (2012)
  19. Maximilian Thaller, Zählstatistik von Markov Prozessen angewandt auf die Kinetik molekularer Motoren (2012), published as New Journal of Physics 16,  033030 (2014)
  20. Anselm Klenner, Modelle für nicht-markovsche Quantenmessungen (2012)
  21. Martin Faigle, Kohärente laterale Streuung an einem Ein-Atom-Quantenpunktkontakt (2012)
  22. Simon Ragg,  Tailor-made spin chains for perfect state transfer - the inverse eigenvalue problem (2011), published as Phys. Rev. A 85, 022312 (2012)
  23. David Öttinger, Weak-coupling polarons in Bose-Fermi Mixtures Confined to Optical Lattices (2011)
  24. Tobias Lohse, Effects of self-inductance in superconducting charge Qubits (2011, Evanston IL)
  25. Reinhard Birmuske, Boson-induced Correlation of Two Pseudospins (2010), published as Phys. Rev. A 88, 042302 (2013)
  26. Johannes Bülte, Electron-phonon coupling in molecular transistors (2010)