Job opening:

PhD position in Theoretical Quantum Transport at University of Konstanz

We offer a PhD position on the theory of time-dependent heat transport

and detection of fluctuations. You will first develop the concept of

an energy pump in a mesoscopic superconductor-normal metal

heterostructure. You will address the full transport statistics and

relate it to fundamental thermodynamics 

concepts like entropy production. In a second part, you will address

measuring fluctuations of heat using superconducting

threshold. Methods used are Keldysh Greens functions and

non-equilibrium real-time path integrals. The work

The PhD is part of the European Network QuESTech. The PhD involves

secondments at Aalto, Finland learning basics of the theory of

refrigeration in mesoscopic devices, at CNRS, France to learn

theoretical techniques of quantum tunnelling in superconducting

junctions, at EDP Sciences, France to get trained in scientific

writing and editing.

To apply please send by email before December 15, 2017:

- CV

- Letter of motivation

- Copy of your degree

Please provide 2 letters of recommendation, to be send directly to &

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