Quantum Transport Group: Job Offers


We are looking for motivated postdocs to work on problems of advanced quantum transport, superconducting nanostructures and nonequilibrium effect in interacting systems. Contracts are available for two or more years on the basis of mutual agreement. If you are interested to work in our group, please apply with a letter of motivation, a CV including a full publication list, references, etc. contact us at Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Belzig.. Furthermore,  excellent candidates are encouraged to apply for funding programms (Humboldt, Marie Curie, etc.)


We are looking for doctoral researchers in the field of mesoscopic superconductivity, topological phases, quantum dissipation,  low-dimensional materials and quantum noise in electric circuits. If you are interested, please apply by email including a CV to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Belzig.

Master/Bachelor Thesis

For the possibility of a Master/Bachelor thesis, contact us by email or just drop by. More information on our research can be found in our publications.

Semester project (Projektpraktikum)

If you are interested in the a semester project in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, please contact us at Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Belzig. A semester project replaces one of the advanced lab course (Fortgeschrittenepraktikum) in the Master program.