Hong-Ou-Mandel setup to detect the overlap of two wave packets with delay tau interferometrically

Electron and electron-hole quasiparticle states in a driven quantum contact

We study the many-body electronic state created by a time-dependent drive of a mesoscopic contact. The many-body state is expressed manifestly in terms of single-electron and electron-hole quasiparticle excitations with the amplitudes and probabilities of creation which depend on the details of the applied voltage. We experimentally probe the time dependence of the constituent electronic states by using an analog of the optical Hong-Ou-Mandel correlation experiment where electrons emitted from the terminals with a relative time delay collide at the contact. The electron wave packet overlap is directly related to the current noise power in the contact. We have confirmed the time dependence of the electronic states predicted theoretically by measurements of the current noise power in a tunnel junction under harmonic excitation.

Mihajlo Vanević, Julien Gabelli, Wolfgang Belzig, and Bertrand Reulet
Phys. Rev. B 93, 041416(R) (2016)